About Us


Within the heart of Fabnic beats the legacy of Pee Gee Fabrics, a name revered for over three decades that also presents Livleen Prints, a stylish womenswear brand. Born from a family heritage deeply rooted in the world of fabrics, Fabnic emerges as the culmination of this journey, bringing an unparalleled collection of meticulously crafted textiles to the forefront of the digital age.

Guided by a commitment to both tradition and innovation, our fabrics tell stories of generations, from the steadfast heritage that anchors us to the dynamic pulse of modern fashion. 

Step into Fabnic, where the essence of legacy converges with the excitement of the digital age, inviting you to not only discover fabrics, but to embark on a journey of self-expression, creativity, and exceptional style.

The fabnic Promise 

At fabnic, we promise to empower you to express your unique style through high-quality fabrics. We are dedicated to curating a diverse collection that meets the fashion needs of every generation, while making online fabric shopping a seamless and inspiring experience.

Elevate your style with fabnic